Our passionate and well-experienced Trainers are our greatest asset. All our Trainers undergo intense training focused on soft skills, digital etiquette, and participant engagement before providing live sessions.

  • Azad Khan

    Head of Curriculum and Training

    The Active Club curriculum expert has a decade long experience in working with kids under 18 years at the grassroots level and has also played football professionally. The curriculum developed by the Product team headed by him is currently been implemented in more than 2000 schools across India. With a deep understanding of sports education, his creative approach is applied in delivering the same experience through the digital platform. Azad also helps in developing National Occupational Standards, the Qualification Packs for Sports Educators, Fitness Trainers, and other various job roles endorsed by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). His contribution extends to the development and review of Health and Physical Education textbooks developed by NCERT, PSSCIEVE, Sports Sector Skill Council of India, and other prominent national bodies

  • Kevin Andrew

    Master Trainer

    The Active Club Master Trainer, Kevin, is a British Council certified coach educator and holds coaching licenses from the All India Football Federation and the United States Soccer Federation. He has 8 years of experience in coaching structured sports to kids and upskilling young coaches and sports educators.

  • Vivek Chaudhary

    Sports expertise:Tennis, Badminton

    No. of kids trained:2500

    Total no of hours trained:3240

    Overall Experience (Years):3

  • Rashalika Tiwari

    Sports expertise:Cricket, Basketball

    No. of kids trained:1900

    Total no of hours trained:1820

    Overall Experience (Years):4

  • Kusum Suyal

    Sports expertise:Basketball, Swimming

    No. of kids trained:3150

    Total no of hours trained:4860

    Overall Experience (Years):8

  • Sunanda Sarkar

    Sports expertise:Rhythmic Activities, Early movers sports activities, Volleyball

    No. of kids trained:500

    Total no of hours trained:1080

    Overall Experience (Years):4

  • Rai Jaimeen

    Sports expertise:Athletic, Volleyball

    No. of kids trained:2880

    Total no of hours trained:2400

    Overall Experience (Years):9

  • Mohit Pal

    Sports expertise:Basketball

    No. of kids trained:1970

    Total no of hours trained:1980

    Overall Experience (Years):10

  • Arvind Singh

    Sports expertise:Football

    No. of kids trained:550

    Total no of hours trained:825

    Overall Experience (Years):5

  • Sarathapriya R.

    Sports expertise:Football

    No. of kids trained:2000

    Total no of hours trained:2338

    Overall Experience (Years):3

  • Arzoo Priya

    Sports expertise:Basketball

    No. of kids trained:450

    Total no of hours trained:864

    Overall Experience (Years):1

  • Harnish Damor

    Sports expertise:Fitness, Football, Athletics

    No. of kids trained:900

    Total no of hours trained:970

    Overall Experience (Years):5

  • M. Balamurugan

    Sports expertise:Cricket

    No. of kids trained:3300

    Total no of hours trained:10920

    Overall Experience (Years):14

  • Ayushi Singh

    Sports expertise:Yoga, Athletics and Taekwondo ( Black Belt)

    No. of kids trained:1100

    Total no of hours trained:1550

    Overall Experience (Years):2

  • Paresh Chavan

    Sports expertise:Cricket

    No. of kids trained:2300

    Total no of hours trained:4600

    Overall Experience (Years):17

  • G. Selvakumar

    Sports expertise:Cricket, Hockey, Kho-Kho

    No. of kids trained:2260

    Total no of hours trained:8640

    Overall Experience (Years):6

  • Tania Debnath

    Sports expertise:Basketball

    No. of kids trained:600

    Total no of hours trained:864

    Overall Experience (Years):4

  • B. Suresh

    Sports expertise:Basketball

    No. of kids trained:5150

    Total no of hours trained:7128

    Overall Experience (Years):13