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Personalized Fitness & Skill-Based Coaching SessionFor Kids

Learn Fitness, Yoga, Martial Arts, Body Coordination & Sports

Kids Enjoying Active Club Session

If kids enjoy what they're doing, they're more likely to want to keep doing it. Adding physical activities that kids enjoy to the routine will increase their confidence and ability to perform well.

Our experts know what works for kids at different ages and stages. Parents can teach a love of physical activity and help kids fit it into their everyday lives. Doing so can set healthy patterns that will last into adulthood. From sports skills and fitness to weekend matches, doing something fun is the best way to fill the time.

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Joining the Active Club ensures that your kid gets to play, have fun and lay a foundation towards his/her sports journey. Our instructor-led one to one learning is led by domain experts, providing kids an opportunity to interact with instructor directly.

Our Subscription Model

  • Active Club Play

    Active Club Play

    Fun, fitness and exposure to multiple sports

  • Active Club Sport

    Active Club Sport

    Cricket, Football, Basketball, Martial Arts and Yoga

    Sports specific basic to advanced skill and fitness sessions

World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation recommends "kids and youth aged 5-17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous intense physical activity daily. Amount of physical activity greater than 60 minutes provide additional health benefits."

An initiative by SportzVillage

Established in 2003,SportzVillage is India’s leading provider of integrated sports management services to schools & corporates. The company operates through two business divisions, EduSports for the schools business and SportzVillage for the corporates business.

Live, interactive, fun and engaging physical activity (Fitness + Skill) Program

Experienced trainers with proven expertise of engaging with kids

Modules built appropriate for specific age, ability and gender

Designed by panel of experts including educationalists, physical education experts & nutritionist

Happy Parents & Kids Enjoying Active Club Sessions

Perfect Blend of Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Indoor Activity

Rhythmic Movements
Rhythmic Movements
A series of music-based activities to develop co-ordination, movements and rhythm
Sport skill & Fitness
Sport Skill & Fitness
Activities to develop fundamental skills of popular sports and improve the major components of fitness (endurance, strength, etc.)
Yoga & Martial Art
Yoga & Martial Arts
Activities to strike a balance between mind and body

Outdoor Activity (Coming soon)

Weekend matches
Outdoor Weekend Match Activity
Small sides weekend matches involving parents, neighbors from the neighborhood. Fun & engaging events mapped to important days like Grandparent's day, Father's day, etc.
Sports focused
Sports Focused Coaching
Structured coaching sessions delivered by the experts to improve skill, fitness and strategies of the selected sport

Few Things which you will Require

Space Requirements

Indoor Space
8 x 6 indoor space
No Sharp Objects
No furniture or sharp objects
Safe Flooring
Safe floor

Other Requirements

Stable internet connection
Laptop or Device
Laptop (preferably)or other device

Why Thousandsof Parents Trust Us?

  • 3 million+ hours of kids sports development programs executed in over 1,300 schools
  • CSR Impact award for Ashok Leyland’s‘Road to School’ initiative in 2018
  • Awarded the Best Sports Curriculumof the Year in 2018
  • Featured on Satyamev Jayate
  • Planned and executed the most prestigious amateur and professional sporting events like RFYS, Jr. NBA, Premier Badminton League and Khelo India

What Happy Parents have to say about us!

  • The Active Club Subscription is great for kids and easily accessible online. My 7 year old loves the engaging sessions in each class. A must try for kids.
    - Kavita Tejani
  • This is a unique course. Kudos to the instructors for their patience and teaching skills. My son has developed a keen interest in sports after enrolling with Active Club.
    - Leena Iyer
  • My daughter looks forward to Active Club Sessions every week. She has begun to demonstrate a renewed sense of confidence. I wish that all kids have exposure to this.
    - Priti Roy

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We encourage you to try a session with us!We also provide your 'Active kids' with nutrition & health tips to help them build good eating & boost their immmune system. The trial pack will also include a home assignment.

All our Trainers undergo intense training focused on soft skills, digital etiquette, and child engagement before providing live sessions