Why kids should play

In not so recent past, the sight of a kid wanting to go out to play while his parent scolding him or her to stay back home to study was a fairly common sight. And while that may not necessarily be due to misplaced priorities, it is often a lack of awareness about the various benefits of playing sports that could lead to parents restricting their kids from being actively engaged in the same. Here, we look at why it is essential that kids should have a fair amount of involvement in sporting activities.

Academic Performance

If a concern for academic performance is what is preventing a kid from being involved in sports, there could be nothing sadder than it. The reason for this is because, as studies show, playing sports in fact improves a student’s performance in academics. This is because sports improve a kid’s ability to concentrate, and consequently, assimilate the content that he studies.


Playing a sport is an activity that involves adherence to several of the sport’s rules. Therefore, a student imbibes the quality of discipline, which is crucial to succeeding in any endeavour.

Better Physical Health

Playing sports helps in improving the physical health of the body in the following ways:

  • Children who actively engage in sports tend to have more muscle and less body fat. Also, playing sports prevents early onset of obesity.
  • Sports are a rigorous physical activity, and as a result, strengthen the heart and lungs, as also the respiratory and circulatory system in general. This will also prevent the early onset of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Regularly engaging in sports can help build stronger bones by improving bone mineral density. This is especially true for girls. Therefore, kids who are active in sports will have lesser chances of having disorders like osteoporosis later in life, and also be able to avoid fractures and recover from them faster.

Better Mental Health

Research has shown that vigorous physical activity has a positive effect on people with depression. Since sports are a physically demanding activity, kids who engage in playing sports regularly are bound to be happier in general as against the ones who do not. More importantly, better mental health would also lower the chances of the kid falling into vices such as smoking or alcoholism in later years.

Development of social skills

When playing sports, a kid regularly gets to experience wins and losses. And they learn to understand that neither is success permanent nor is failure. Thus, they build qualities of perseverance, humility, and resilience. Also, when it comes to team-sport, kids learn how to strike the right balance between collaboration and competition so as to achieve a team objective. Thus, they imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship, which is an attribute that will positively contribute towards achieving success in non-sporting endeavours as well.

As seen from the above, sports have been proven to improve a child’s academic performance, physical and mental health, and also condition him or her to succeed in life and be a happy person and a disciplined citizen who contributes positively to nation-building. Surely, these are enough reasons to let kids engage actively in sports.

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