Why nutrition for active kids is important

While the importance of nutritious diet is stated ad nauseam everywhere, active kids have special nutrition needs, and it is important to meet them. This post discusses the importance of nutrition for specifically for active kids i.e. those kids who regularly engage in vigorous physical and sporting activity.

Stronger bones

Especially while engaging in contact sports, there is a high chance of collision between players. At such times, it is important that the players’ bones are strong enough to withstand frequent normal impacts so as to minimize the chances of developing fractures. Even in the event of an unfortunate bone fracture, proper nutrition is important to minimize the convalescent period.

Stronger muscles

It is important for active kids to have and grow strong muscles that can enable them to participate in the physically demanding activities that they indulge in. Stronger muscles are directly related to improving performance in sport. Also, while playing sports, a player’s muscles are bound to undergo immense stress and microscopic tears in the muscle fibres which may result in onset of DOMS. Stronger muscles will ensure that such tears heal quickly and time duration required to recover from DOMS is minimized if at all it occurs, so that kids can be ready for the next game.

Need to meet required Energy levels

For sustained good performance in sports, an athlete needs to have a high level of stamina. And along with exercise, a healthy and balanced diet is key to ensuring the same. Especially at a younger age, when the body is not trained to indulge in heavy physical activity, not having sufficiently high energy levels might lead to fainting or reduction in work-rate while playing for extended durations.

Improving the ability to focus

Sport is not just a physically rigorous task; it also requires an active mind to coordinate responses as per the gameplay. Therefore, active kids are required to have quick decision-making ability and high alertness levels. Certainly, there are various techniques to facilitate this, but nutrition also plays a major role in helping kids develop the ability to concentrate and respond accurately.

Pre-game preparation

While a generally nutritious diet is absolutely important to sustainably develop the body and mind to perform well in sport, there are certain perfectly legal and natural foods that can be had just before a game to up the potential performance level when it is most desired. Such a snack may comprise of foods that provide instant energy and help keep the mind composed during the game. Such foods can also be had before training to improve the extent to which you can train effectively, so as to improve your performance in the sport.

Thus, as seen through the above pointers, nutrition is important for active kids to not just develop physically and mentally to play sports, but also to deliver good performances during games. Moreover, such nutrition will not just help them perform well in the immediate term. In future, if they wish to be professional athletes, it would be important for them to be physically suitable to realize their dreams. Even if they do not with to be professional sportspersons, nutritious diet combined with participation in sports as a leisure activity will enable them to grow up to be healthy adults, who would be better-equipped to handle life’s challenges.