Screen time with kids

One of the most common scenes in most homes has been parents scolding their kids because they see their kids being too preoccupied with mobile phones. It begins with the parents themselves trying to entertain their toddlers initially. While this helps kids gain an early introduction to technology (most of today’s kids are highly tech-savvy), it also causes a problem with them getting kind of addicted to smartphones. While 87% of children spend too much time on smartphones The current coronavirus lockdown has deepened the furrows on parents’ brows, as according to a report by OLX India, there’s been a 100% increase in the amount of time kids spend before a screen.

Problems associated with excessive Screen-Time for kids

The following are the problems that are associated with increased time spent in front of laptops, tablets, and smartphones by kids:

  • Damage to the eyes at a very young age. Children who spend more time indoors are more likely to develop myopia.
  • An increase in screen-time has also found to have adverse effects on sleep by causing shifts in the circadian rhythm.
  • MRI scans have revealed found significant differences in the brains of children who spend more than 7 hours a day before a screen.
  • Because of increase in on-screen activity, kids spend lesser time playing outdoors. As a result, their physical development could suffer and there could be an onset of obesity during childhood.
  • Children who spend more than 2 hours a day before a screen have tended to have lower scores on thinking and language tests.
  • Because children spend too much time alone while interacting with an electronic device, the development of their social skills is hindered.

How Active Club presents a solution to the problem

Active Club is a new service brand by SportsVillageXp. It revolves around getting kids to subscribe to different over-the-video fitness training programs, where certified trainers would be training a group of kids on different activities such as Yoga, martial arts, other exercises, and so on. This concept helps in mitigating all the aforementioned problems as follows:

  • Because the programs involve physical activity while following the tutor’s instructions over the internet video call, the kid will be watching the screen from a greater distance, and also, he would not be looking at it continuously. So, the possibility of eye damage is significantly reduced.
  • Along with the above point, the fact that kids are engaged in physical activity means that screen time will have a much-reduced impact on the quality of sleep.
  • Being involved in physical activities will prevent premature onset of obesity among kids.
  • There are valid concerns of the ill-effects of screen-time on kids’ social skills development, but they could be addressed if they are interacting with a human on the other end of the screen. And Active Club ensures exactly that. While being a part of the training programs, they would be interacting with the trainers and also fellow trainees. And therefore, instead of hampering their inter-personal skills, being an Active Club member would in fact help them develop those skills and also the ability to network with people.

Thus, as we see, Active Club has the solution to address a range of problems that could stem from kids spending too much time interacting with screens. Certainly if you are a parent reading this, you would want to go sit with your kid and enrol to one of the several training programs that we offer depending on your kid’s interests.