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Screen time with kids

One of the most common scenes in most homes has been parents scolding their kids because they see their kids being too preoccupied with mobile phones. It begins with the parents themselves trying to entertain their toddlers initially. While this helps kids gain an early introduction to technology (most of ...

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Why nutrition for active kids is important

While the importance of nutritious diet is stated ad nauseam everywhere, active kids have special nutrition needs, and it is important to meet them. This post discusses the importance of nutrition for specifically for active kids i.e. those kids who regularly engage in vigorous physical and sporting activity. Stronger bones Especially while ...

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Why kids should play

In not so recent past, the sight of a kid wanting to go out to play while his parent scolding him or her to stay back home to study was a fairly common sight. And while that may not necessarily be due to misplaced priorities, it is often a lack ...

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